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We believe in radio’s power to reinforce and enhance the impact of any well thought-out marketing effort… In a society characterized by time-starved and hectic consumer lifestyles, radio stays closer to the consumer for longer periods of time during prime buying hours than any other advertising medium. Allow us to provide your business with insight into how you can use radio most effectively as an alternative to or in combination with other media.

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Our Stations

VerStandig Media is proud to be the home of the top radio stations in the area. We have a wide variety of station formats, all with unique and entertaining DJs. Altogether, our stations have over 120,000 listeners every week! Make sure you tune into: 104.7 WAYZ, 101.5 WBHB, 92.1 WNUZ, and 1380 WCBG.

our services

The world of advertising has expanded, and it’s growth isn’t slowing down. VerStandig Media is much more than just Radio Broadcasting and Live & Local Events. Our new services include: Digital Marketing, Engagement Campaigns, and Consumer Research. Our total marketing solution will allow you to save time and money while managing your marketing campaign.

Total Marketing Solution

Times have changed and so have we! Check out our new advertising options. We have expanded our Marketing service in order to fit your business needs.