Joy El “Igniting Hope” Capital Campaign – for immediate release

For Immediate Release                                            May 17th, 2021




Joy El is pleased to announce the dedication of the newly constructed Welcome Center, Part one of the Igniting Hope in Generations that seek Him Campaign. This campaign is dedicated to provide desperately needed additional space for dining and housing for staff and guests.


“In 2005 we began long-range planning for the needs of the ministry. Revisiting the plan 15 years later confirms the need for additional dining space, more offices and more housing”, explains Aaron Ziebarth, Executive Director of Joy El.


Following the completion of the Welcome Center (part one), planned renovation and expansion of the Dining Hall (part two), and construction of the Shepherd’s Lodge (part three), Joy El will be able to reach and serve even more people with the hope of Jesus for years to come.


Dick Marks, Chair of the Capital Campaign, noted that “To have quietly raised over $1.6 million during an international pandemic is inconceivable, but God did it. As leaders, we’re blessed that He has allowed us to be part of this anointed effort to enable Joy El to share the hope of Jesus more effectively.” 


For the past two years, directors, staff and volunteers have diligently worked to receive funds generously provided to complete the first phase of this campaign, the Quiet Phase. Immediately following this dedication of the Welcome Center on May 16, 2021, the final, Public Phase begins, Monday, May 17, 2021.


“I am so grateful for the generous provision of the Welcome center. God has used generous individuals, churches and businesses to enable us to build debt free”, says Aaron Ziebarth, Executive Director of Joy El.


Joy El is committed to completing the campaign through the Public Phase and constructing these facilities debt free. At the beginning of May, sixty percent of the anticipated funds for all three parts (three buildings) have been received from generous partners. Joy El is continually looking ahead, actively watching as God provides these remaining 40% of funds through the generosity of His people in the Public Phase.


Joy El serves many children, teens and adults through Bible Adventure and CIA (Christians in Action) programs, 4.12 Leadership Training Program, summer camps and hosting church groups. Find more info at and


Please contact Nate at 717-369-4539 or to receive more information about the Igniting Hope in Generations that Seek Him campaign and how to partner with Joy El.