Hagerstown Suns Baseball Quiz

Baseball Quiz Yields Large Results

The Goal
The Hagerstown Suns Baseball Quiz is an ongoing study focused on prize as a motivation. In this study, VerStandig Media decided to use in-house prizes and stations in order to promote this campaign. There was a surplus of tickets to see the Hagerstown Suns, and we knew that other radio stations in the area used on-air promotions to give their tickets away. Since we had multiple on-air contests running on each of our stations, we decided to commit them to a purely digital promotion. Since the tickets weren’t a highly priced item that not everyone would want, we had to figure out the best method to get people interested. We chose to give the tickets away in a sweepstakes that people could enter into after taking a quiz. Since the prize value wasn’t very high, we knew that a quiz would be the perfect Engagement Marketing option to catch attention. We set the quiz up to pick weekly winners, to increase interest even more. Check out the quiz below:

In this study, we found the quiz to be a very low maintenance option; we shared the quiz on a station’s social media page once a week which yielded 245 entries in one month. The most significant increase in entries was directly impacted by whether the campaign was shared on social media or not. Every time the campaign was shared, the number of entries greatly increased, with a slow increase throughout the rest of the week. Of the 254 entrants, 175 of them opted in to receive emails from VerStandig Media and it’s affiliates. In only one month, we increased our audience and secured listeners and online followers by 175 people. Check out more Engagement Case Studies!

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Radio Survey

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