Crayola Quiz

Quiz Receives 300 Entries in Three Days 

Engagement Marketing • Interactive Content

VerStandig Media used Interactive Content in an Engagement Marketing Campaign and received over 300 interactions in only three days.

Setting Up the Study

One of the first Interactive Content Campaigns we ever ran was: “Which Crayola Crayon are You?”. We built a quiz which we embedded on our website and shared on our social media. By taking the quiz, our online followers also entered to win tickets to the Crayola Experience.

None of our radio stations mentioned the contest. We simply placed it on our stations’ websites, and shared it on the stations’ social media profiles.

Collecting Results

The first three days of the contest, the quiz was embedded on the 101.5 WBHB, 104.7 WAYZ, and 92.1 WNUZ web pages. It was not shared or mentioned on social media. With the quiz just sitting on our web pages, we received around ten entries. After three days, we shared the quiz on one station’s social media at a time. The first share on social media yielded close to ninety entries. The next day, we shared it on another station’s social media. This share resulted in over 100 entries. After the third station shared the quiz, there were around seventy new entries.

While the results definitely seemed to correlate with the shares on social media, we wanted to be sure. Therefore, we let the quiz sit on the page without sharing it for an entire week, in order to  gauge the campaign’s success. As a result, the entry rate lowered significantly.

By the last day of the contest, the quiz was only getting one or two entries a day. Then, we shared the quiz on VerStandig Media’s social media. The entry rate jumped almost immediately. The last day, we received over 30 entries.


Overall, the quiz received 336 submissions; the majority of the entries were a result of social media bringing attention to the campaign. By sharing the quiz on social media, we received around 300 entries in only 3 days.

The Quiz:

See the quiz below! You can still take it, but you can’t win Crayola Experience tickets anymore.




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