Franklin County Employee of the Month: April


Franklin County Employee of the Month for April is Libby Strayer


April 28, 2021 – Franklin County, PA – The Franklin County Commissioners proudly present the Employee of the Month award to Ms. Libby Strayer who has been employed with Franklin County since February 2017.  She currently serves as an Adult Probation Officer III.


The selection for the April 2021 Employee of the Month was determined by the Special Thanks and Recognition (STAR) Committee out of a total of nineteen nominations.


The STAR nomination form asks what recent event or occurrence prompted you to select Libby and the answers stated:


“Officer Libby Strayer was returning to the office from field work with her partner Brian Smith when they came across a vehicle accident on Lincoln Way West. There was no emergency apparatus present so they pulled over to render aid. Officer Strayer encountered an elderly female driver confined to a vehicle who appeared to be in distress. She assessed the driver for injuries and discovered her leg was bleeding heavily from an open femur fracture. Officer Strayer attempted to apply pressure with medical pads from a first aid kit, however that was not effective at stopping the bleeding. Officer Strayer then applied a tourniquet above the wound and was able to stop the bleeding before the paramedics arrived. The driver was then transported by medevac helicopter to a trauma center for treatment. Officer Strayer’s quick thinking and calm disposition allowed her to rely on her training to effectively carry out a life saving measure that increased the driver’s chances for survival.”


“Officer Strayer’s caseload consists of individuals on intensive probation supervision. These individuals are generally referred to her after already violating probation, however, the violation does not warrant incarceration. These individuals usually have a high risk to re-offend and require additional resources to succeed in supervision.”


Ms. Strayer’s outstanding characteristics are attributes that have not gone unnoticed by her
peers. The nomination form describes her as demonstrating compassion and patience while guiding the re-offenders through their supervision and recovery. Libby is friendly and is always there if somebody needs something.


We are grateful to Ms. Libby Strayer as she exudes a high standard of customer service, excellence, and respect to the employees and residents of Franklin County.

Pictured above: Commissioner John Flannery, Commissioner Chairman Dave Keller, Employee of the Month – Officer Libby Strayer, Chief of Adult Probation Doug Wilburne, and Commissioner Bob Ziobrowski